Nov 29 2012

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The Real Jesus

Here are some things you may not know or have forgotten about our Savior:

~ He was a strong and independent man. Mark 6:2-4

~ He played with children. Matthew 19:13-14

~ He was labeled a drunkard. Matthew 11:18-20

~ He didn’t start a ministry until He was 30. Luke 3:23

~ He loved prostitutes. Luke 7:36-50

~ Jesus loved to learn. Luke 2:41-42

~ He felt sincere fear. Matthew 26:36-45

~ He was tender-hearted and free to cry. John 11:33-36

~ He was honest to the point of offending others. John 4:18

~ He was tempted by every sin. Hebrews 4:15

~ He loved his dad, Joseph, though He knew about His virgin birth. Luke 2:39-40

~ He escaped attempted murder many times before the crucifixion starting at birth. Matthew 2:13-15, John 10:39

~ And Jesus died out of obedience to Father God. Philippians 2:8

Every one of these points is important in my mind for each of us to remember. They show that Jesus was no pushover. He wasn’t clean-shaven and worried about His reputation. He was strong yet tender, humble yet confident, obedient yet full of emotion, and faithful in His career as a carpenter before He became a full-time minister who didn’t even have a home.

Don’t let the world, Hollywood, or university intellectuals paint Jesus for us. Don’t let church-going, well-intentioned Pharisees point you to a Jesus who doesn’t exist. Don’t let yourself be fooled into following a Savior who is austere and boring. Jesus was rough around the edges, honest to a fault you might say, and bold in His living. Though full of compassion He was impassioned by truth.

Jesus is both the Lion and the Lamb, the Alpha and Omega, the Sword and the Stone. When you learn more about Jesus through the Word, through your own testimony, and through the Spirit you will find following Him with unwavering loyalty and raging dedication is second nature. If it isn’t, if following Jesus ever becomes tedious or dull, as it has for me in seasons of my life, check your relationship with Him and make sure you remember who Jesus really is. Then I believe your fire will be rekindled.

Who is Jesus to you?

Loving Him relentlessly, our Hope and Intercessor…



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