Aug 05 2013

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Creation Series VIII (Questions Part 2)

Echo-Park_Panorama2The following video is part of the Creation Science Seminar by Dr. Kent and Eric Hovind. For more information or to purchase resources for you or your local fellowship please visit www.creationtoday.org

Special thanks to Martin Rayburn for making these videos available on YouTube.com

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In this last episode Dr. Kent Hovind will continue to give his best explanations on many questions asked by viewers as well as professors during his many debates. He covers a variety of subjects including the formation of the Green River that scientists believe prove the earth is millions of years old, the pyramids, were giants real, are there aliens, how coal is formed, differing religions and cults, who created God, and many more! We hope you’ll find this last episode engaging and interesting and again welcome you discuss your thoughts with us!

Enjoy and we pray you have been blessed by this series. Help spread the truth of God’s Word through Creation!

- Richie & Kathy



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