Jul 24 2013

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Creation Series III (Dinosaurs & the Bible)

dinosaurs and humansThe following video is part of the Creation Science Seminar by Dr. Kent and Eric Hovind. For more information or to purchase resources for you or your local fellowship please visit www.creationtoday.org

Special thanks to Martin Rayburn for making these videos available on YouTube.com

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In this 3rd episode Dr. Hovind discusses the subject of dinosaurs, one of my favorites. He will give evidence and verses in the Bible that show dinosaurs and humanity existed together and in many ways still do. He will show what animals were saved on Noah’s ark and give historical references to many myths and legends including dragons. You will also see why carbon dating doesn’t work and that the earth is not billions or millions of years old.

God didn’t just create you and me, He created everything that lives and in the beginning, it was all good. Enjoy this next episode.

- Richie & Kathy


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