Oct 16 2012

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‘Choosing Joy’ from Kathy

Being 39 weeks pregnant with our first little baby, I find myself often blaming my bad attitude, mood swings, and short temper on my raging hormones and the fact that “I don’t feel well.” Perhaps I do have a bit of an excuse, but that’s no reason for me to act out against my ever patient and loving husband. The last thing I want to do is suck him dry and exhaust him by thinking only of myself and keep him on his toes just trying to keep me happy. I was convicted of this the other day when the Lord spoke softly into my heart, “in all things, my daughter, choose joy.” I realized again in that moment that I don’t have to be consumed by my emotions or by the way I feel. Yes, there are times when my body aches and I cry at nearly everything – that is part of being pregnant and being a woman – but in those moments I am striving to remind myself that I can still choose my attitude. I can still choose inner peace and joy amidst chaos and stress. This, I know, will bless my husband and provide security for my family.

I will admit to you, in all honesty, that this is something that is often difficult for me. I tend to indulge my emotions of the moment and ride the feelings of inadequacy and insecurity, sometimes looking for ways to blame others for how I’m feeling.  It takes being reminded of Whom I belong to and who I am in Christ, as a beloved daughter, to stop me in my tracks and change my attitude.

“I will sing for joy in God, explode in praise from deep in my soul! He dressed me up in a suit of salvation, he outfitted me in a robe of righteousness, as a bridegroom who puts on a tuxedo and a bride a jeweled tiara. For as the earth bursts with spring wildflowers, and as a garden cascades with blossoms, so the Master, GOD, brings righteousness into full bloom and puts praise on display before the nations.” Isaiah 61:10-11 from The Message

Today, I am choosing joy. I am choosing to be reminded that my strength and purpose and passion come from my joy in the Lord. I am putting Him first and allowing Him to work miraculously in and through me, each day. And I am praying that you, dear friends, will choose to allow Him to mold you and make you more into His likeness; in the fullness of His joy and strength.

In His love,

Kathy Castaldo


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